Okay. There have been more drops in cryptocurrency prices. But, historically speaking, July onward has been good over all for the crypto markets—we haven’t lost any enthusiasm for blockchain capabilities, and what this past week has provided in news and advancements. Here’s the Iowa Blockchain team’s weekly roundup for Friday, June 29, 2018—which happens to cover a lot of great, social impact initiatives.


Coinbase launches GiveCrypto.org (this could be good for increasing adoption rate more efficiently on a global scale)


New Ethereum token designed for acquiring digital goods in video games (this could be the answer to acquiring multiple items at once, which could lead to adoption)


Facebook will let preapproved advertisers back into boosting crypto-related ads (we have continually been rejected, event though our focus is on education, with no related revenue streams at this time)


44 Forks in past 10 months for Bitcoin (that’s a lot, but it shouldn’t be of concern in the long term)


A professional sports team is about to mine Ether for charity (go Kings! Another good cause supporter, which could increase adoption rates globally)


Ben and Jerry’s is piloting blockchain for environmental impact calculation (help cover the carbon footprint cost in our next cone? Yum)