“What is internet, anyway?”

That phrase, uttered by Bryant Gumbel during a segment on the Today Show in 1994, marks a sentinel moment in the advent of what today is at the heart of everything we do. And even though it’s been meme’d repeatedly (tip of the cap here to Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob), Gumbel’s inability to envision the utility of a technology that would change our lives is really nothing to laugh at or mock.

For those with a vision, Gumbel’s bumbling is something to celebrate. Why?

Well, now that we have your attention, please read on…

We stand on the precipice of the rapid development of a technology that holds as much promise—even if the masses lack a functional understanding of it—as the internet did back during that Today Show segment in 1994. If you’re ready to take the leap, you have the opportunity to turn back time.

To get in on the ground floor.

To shape the way we conduct business.

To enter the marketplace of tomorrow before most of the world even knows it exists.

Welcome to the Blockchain Era

Blockchain has arrived, but for billions of folks it’s still at the “what is” phase. People deep down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole get it. Those in the development community drive it. But those average Joes and Janes watching the Today Show, right this very second, have no idea how it is poised to change the world.

And that’s why we’re here.

Our mission is to educate the masses on blockchain technologies, capabilities, and products. In addition to those with a toe already in the blockchain waters, we want to reach those currently on the “Gumbel-in-1994” rung of the ladder. Our vision is to grow to become the go-to source for introducing the limitless potential of blockchain to the world.

Creating Blockvangelists


We see ourselves—if you will excuse the shameless self-labeling—as Blockvangelists: Dutiful believers, intent on sharing a vision for the way blockchain can restore and enhance individual liberty in a way that no technology has ever done. We’ll offer up breaking news, uber-cool infographics, and a heavy dose of 101-level education. We will also place an emphasis on sharing the latest about the first sector to leverage the power of blockchain, cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that offers those in-the-know an opportunity to lead in implementing business solutions and harvesting investment opportunities that come along only once in a generation.

Thanks for dropping by. We look forward to sharing the good news!