Over the course of our next three articles, we will take a look at where jobs in blockchain are hot, what professionals are most in demand, and how blockchain professionals are being compensated. Today, we will detail which countries are supporting a rich blockchain development ecosystem.

The following are five countries — and one region — that are spurring blockchain innovation and offering attractive employment opportunities for those with specialized knowledge in the field.

United States

When it comes to technology, the United States is always a player. While government has been (relatively) slow to jump on the blockchain train, a number of private companies pursuing practical applications of blockchain technology are based in the U.S. Thus, jobs in blockchain are becoming more and more plentiful.

The Silicon Valley is rich with blockchain projects, but it isn’t the only player. A number of states — among them Texas, Montana, Kansas and Tennessee — have been forward-looking when it comes to incorporating blockchain in government and offering incentives for companies developing blockchain technology. The U.S. also offers a wide network of educational conferences, university level courses, and internships to those looking to level up in the blockchain game.


Few could find Estonia on the map, but it is working hard to become a leader in the practical application of blockchain in government. It is among the first countries to seriously look at the possibility of issuing a state-backed cryptocurrency, the ESTcoin, despite the balking of other nations in the European Union. The country has recently walked back that plan.

Estonia also offers a quick-and-easy process for establishing digital citizenship and establishing a business. Both of these benefits are driving the number of jobs in blockchain available.


Another country that is all-in on blockchain, Dubai is set to roll out nearly two dozen blockchain projects in 2018 alone. The country is not shy about its desire to become the Blockchain Capital of the World and has a wide variety of jobs in blockchain available.


The Crypto Valley in Zug is developing a reputation for being a big player in the development of advanced blockchain technologies. Switzerland has also been successful in attracting a fair amount of foreign investment in blockchain companies. The country is home to blockchain startup powerhouses ShapeShift, Bancor and more.

United Kingdom

The UK is already using blockchain to track a variety of government benefit programs. Innovate UK, a government program designed to support tech companies in the country, has earmarked hundreds of thousands of dollars for grant programs aimed specifically at supporting blockchain projects and startups.

European Union

In April 2018, 22 nations in the EU came together to sign the Declaration on the Establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership. The partnership is aimed at working across borders to establish Europe as the epicenter of blockchain development in the months, years and decades to come.