Over the course of the next four weeks, we will be sharing with our readers who we consider to be the most influential folks in blockchain: our Blockchain Mt. Rushmore. But before we get into unveiling who sits atop the mountain, we wanted to share a little insight on how we went about identifying the four faces we consider to be the biggest influencers in the space.

There are a couple we’re confident we will get nearly universal agreement on. But, there are a couple we are hoping spark some discussion and disagreement (we’d prefer polite disagreement, but it is the internet, so if you’ve got a point to make…). We tried to apply a pretty consistent standard, relying on these five areas:

Length of Time in Blockchain

While there are some impressive newcomers, we gave weight to those who have a longer track record working on blockchain and cryptocurrency related projects.  Let’s just say that a certain someone involved with bitcoin’s genesis block was looked upon favorably by our team. I mean you have to have spent years in the space to get on the Blockchain Mt. Rushmore, right?

History of Innovation

We wanted to call out those who have shown a history of developing practical applications in naming names for our Blockchain Mt. Rushmore. From smart contracts to cryptocurrency, all four of those we selected are visionaries and innovators.

Name Recognition

As superficial as it sounds, you have to be known if you are going to wield any influence. The four that we settled on are “one-namers” … meaning that in circles of those in-the-know, you don’t have to explain who they are. Much like the four presidents on the actual mountain, our Blockchain Mt. Rushmore features four names that everyone will know.


Name recognition is great – there are a TON of SuPeR CrAzEd Blockvangelists on the interwebs – but it’s not everything. Each of our selections has credibility in the space, not just the loudest voice. An objective look at each of their careers in the blockchain space will reveal a number of tangible projects they have led or participated in.

The ‘It’ Factor

This one is impossible to define, really. Each of them just has some sort of magnetism that helps them stand out from in the ever growing crowd of blockchain innovators.

This series is designed to inspire discussion, light fire to a few arguments, and offer you the opportunity to tell us what we got right and what we can do better. We reveal the first face next week … we hope you’ll be back to see who it is!