We are at the midpoint of our three-part series taking a look at blockchain jobs. Today we dive into what positions are hot right now.

From interns to engineers, those with a background in blockchain are landing jobs left and right in a job market on the verge of exploding (in a very, very good way). Here are a half dozen(ish) blockchain jobs that we are seeing posted most often.

Blockchain Project Manager

If you’re looking to be smack in the middle of how blockchain will be used by the general public and how it will be developed by the engineers and programmers, this job category is for you. Blockchain PM’s are tasked with taking what is developed and sharing it in “real world” terms with the end users. Similarly, they are responsible for taking feedback from end users and helping the development team identify ways to but that input to use in developing better systems.

Blockchain Developer

Developers are in high demand because they make the blockchain “go.” These professionals are typically proficient in a number of programming “languages” including Microsoft SQL Server, C++, Javascript, Node.js, JQuery, Neural-networks, MYSQL and many, many more. Blockchain developers are being recruited by startups … but that’s not all. These professionals are in demand amongst government organizations, universities, Fortune 500 companies and more looking to be on the leading edge as this technology continues to evolve.

Software/Blockchain Engineer

Equal parts programmer, developer and futurist, this high-level team member develops a vision for what can be and then reverse engineers how to get there. As more applications for blockchain are developed, the role of the engineer will become more and more important. Recruiters are looking for engineers with hands-on experience in running systems using Hyperledger Fabric, bitcoin, Solidity, Python, Java, Ripple, Oracle Identity, and other access management solutions.


If you’ve passed the Bar Exam, but you’re not real jazzed about being a public defender or toiling away reviewing contracts in a cubicle farm, there are a ton of opportunities popping up related to blockchain technology. As an emerging technology with a ton of startups, the need for attorneys with specialized knowledge centered around blockchain and cryptos is at a premium. This is one job category that is primed to explode in the coming months. If you’re a lawyer and looking … this is one industry you may want to dive into.

QA Professional

It’s one thing to build a blockchain application. It’s another thing for it to work in a live environment. Quality Assurance is vital to monetizing the development of blockchain applications. These professionals have a solid understanding of how blockchain applications are built and deployed, and how they are supposed to serve the end user. The most attractive applicants in this category are engineers.

Web/UI Specialist

While the backend blockchain developers often toil in anonymity, the web developers and UI folks get all the glory. Not really, but … the frontend folks always seem to get the lavish praise when a project is launched. While they are no more important that any other member of the team, these professionals have the most “visible” role in the development of blockchain applications. By making everything look “pretty” and paying close attention to the user experience, great UI skills are very marketable in the blockchain space right now … oh, and bonus points for those with skills in both web and mobile development.


You’re just a college kid, what could you possibly know?!? It doesn’t matter. Blockchain startups are looking for interns who are willing to learn on the go. With the number of programmers, software engineers and developers struggling to keep up with demand, many blockchain startups are looking to hire for attitude and train for skills. There may not be a better opportunity for up-and-coming computer programmers and software engineers to gain marketable on-the-job experience while getting a foot in the door in a rapidly growing market sector.