Valid theories of crypto conspiracies or straight-up crazy? A quick internet search returns thousands of results when you’re taking a look at conspiracy theories related to cryptocurrency. Here are just a few of our favorites:

The Future of Bitcoin is Happening NOW

Plenty of bitcoin aficionados were uber-hyper when the block hash 00000000000000000021e800c1e8df51b22c1588e5a624bea17e9faa34b2dc4a popped up back in June. The significance is that the number of zeros at the beginning of the hash, coupled with the next four digits (21e8) was not randomly generated like all others. Instead, it HAD to be the result of a time-traveling bitcoiner.

Why? Because the beginning of the block hash is pretty similar to the genesis block, and the following four digits are a reference to the E8 Theory, also known as the “Theory of Everything.” Speculation was that someone from the future returned to drop this block hash on us.

It’s a fun and interesting theory. Read about it HERE.

Big Government Blowup

Is the government behind bitcoin? Some crypto conspiracies say it might be. And it may have created it just to crush it.

Say what?

Based on the theory posited HERE, the U.S. Government and Federal Reserve are using bitcoin as a way to get the general public to trust cryptocurrency just long enough for them to blow up the crypto market and replace it with a “Fed-Coin.” The master plan under this theory is for the government to establish a blockchain under their control that would replace all physical currency.

What’s in a Logo?

Apparently, several cryptocurrencies are openly flaunting that they are Luciferian Illuminists through the logos and symbolism they are using. At least accroding to a crypto conspiracies post from steemit user @newsandviews who puts it this way:

“The typical symbology they use are pyramids, Xs, pillars, one eye symbols, flames or torchbearers, Vs, 666 symbols, etc. All these symbols are indirect ways to indicate that Lucifer is their god and that he owns and runs their work.”

I’m going to be honest…this one isn’t the easiest to follow. But if you want to give it a look, check it out HERE.

So Much More…

There are far too many theories related to crypto conspiracies to cover in a single article. For a pretty exhaustive list of some of the most popular, give THIS LINK a look.

If you have a theory you’d like us to give a look, please drop a link in the comments!