Another month gone, another quarter down, and we still have plenty of time to get everything going in the cryptoverse before year’s end!

While plenty of monumental events are taking place within the technology space (Elon…SEC), another week of progress for blockchain has come to an end. And judging by this week’s roundup, we are still as optimistic as we were at the beginning of this journey.

Enjoy, blockvaneglist!


Bitmain is going public with an IPO

Is the trade volume reported by larger exchanges factual?

AT&T rolls out blockchain services

Google loosens up on crypto advertising

Digital hedgehogs are coming to Ethereum–a-new-ethereum-based-cryptocollectible-game/

Dairy Farmers of America are piloting blockchain

Walmart and IBM move their food safety partnership forward

Bitcoin has been added to the Scrabble dictionary

Coinbase wants to be too big to fail