Looking for a blockchain podcast that will help you keep up on this rapidly developing technology? You’ve come to the right spot! Here are five the team at Iowa Blockchain recommends you plug-in to.


Hosted by blockchain technology heavy Laura Shin, Unchained pumps out relevant content on a regular basis. The weekly blockchain podcast is focused on how the technology is transforming trust-based interactions up and down the spectrum, from financial services to the internet of things. Shin is an independent journalist who formerly was a Senior Editor at Forbes. Her penchant for interviewing brings out the best information and keeps listeners engaged. In addition to Unchained, Shin also hosts the Unconfirmed blockchain podcast, “a shorter-form, newsier show with the same marquee names in crypto that you know from Unchained.”

Bad Crypto Podcast

If you like a heavy dose of humor in your blockchain pod, this is the one for you. Hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright don’t take themselves – or anything, really – too seriously. Their charm is in the way they are able to talk the talk in a way that newbies can understand. They started from scratch mid-way through 2017 and have built a huge following in a short time. Plus, they get a nod from us for taking the time to take a photo with the Iowa Blockchain team back in April.


Epicenter is hosted by Brian Fabian Crain, Sebastien Couture and Meher Roy. The trio has mastered the art of getting the most interesting personalities in the blockchain space on the show and peppering them with the questions we all have about the technology. Their in-depth discussions with guests are second to none and this is a podcast that is pushing the envelope when it comes to media centered on decentralization and the global blockchain revolution.

Block Zero

While Block Zero is relatively new and releases have been infrequent, host Kevin Rose has chops. One of Time Magazine’s “Top 25 Most Influential People on the Web” and one of Bloomberg’s “Top 25 Angel Investors,” Rose is able to get the top movers and shakers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space to offer up frank analysis of the technology. While the primary focus of Block Zero’s first few releases have been on cryptos, he has also delved into blockchain and decentralized technologies.

The Third Web

A podcast by any other name … might be The Third Web. This podcast hasn’t dropped much new content in recent months, but its archive is where it’s at. Formerly known as Beyond Bitcoin and then the Ether Review, this podcast hosted by Arthur Fall offers a wide range of information and interviews ranging from legal implications of blockchain and cryptos, 101 level intros to the technology, and thoughts on the future of decentralized technologies.