As Bitcoin sits above $10,500 at the time of this post, it’s hard to remember that it sat below $4,000 earlier this year. Go go Bitcoin maximalists, right?

But what about all other cryptocurrencies? The “altcoins?”

After 2018 saw a record number of ICOs, many of the projects which raised millions of dollars are still yet to deliver the first steps of their product road maps. So it goes within the startup space, but people are no longer in cryptomania times because of those results, and fewer people are willing to jump into every ICO that pops up in their news feeds. More caution. More paranoia. Overall, it’s still likely the right steps toward markets maturing.

If Bitcoin sees more price surges in the second half of 2019, what do you think will happen for every other coin?

Our best guesses bring us to the conclusion that dozens of altcoins will go to $0 this year (this short list created by CoinTelegraph includes some previous heavy hitters–and scams). Those who deliver product and communicate with their supporters will stick around and weather the storm, to fight another day.