Are we in a bitcoin boom or is the market going to completely bust out? Surveying popular thought can leave you scratching your head.

With cryptocurrency prognosticators offering a range of opinions from:

“It will hit $500,000 by 2020 or I’ll eat my … uh … manhood!”


“It’s a scam and investors are going to lose everything!”

…it is hard for the average investor or enthusiast to get a handle on where any of this is going, much less determine whether a bitcoin boom is looming.

Who Really Knows?

The cold hard fact is: No one really knows. Like any revolutionary technology, there is a lot of wiggle room in popular opinion. When it comes to cryptocurrency, generally, and bitcoin, specifically, there are as many opinions as there have been blocks mined.

So, with that as the backdrop, we came across an interesting conversation from World CryptoCon, which was hosted in Las Vegas during the last week of October.

Our friends at the Bad Crypto Podcast hosted a live airing of the show that included a handful of crypto heavy hitters. This discussion between Ronnie Moas and Vinny Lingham on the long(er)-term prospects of bitcoin.

A Must Watch

Our takeaway? Even after listening to experts in the industry it is impossible to tell if we are in a bitcoin boom or a crypto bust. The best advice out there is to do your due diligence … and then do it AGAIN before you decide whether to jump in.

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