Author: Iowa Blockchain

What is Internet, Anyway?

“What is internet, anyway?” That phrase, uttered by Bryant Gumbel during a segment on the Today Show in 1994, marks a sentinel moment in the advent of what today is at the heart of everything we do. And even though it’s been meme’d repeatedly (tip of the cap here to Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob), Gumbel’s inability to envision the utility of a technology that would change our lives is really nothing to laugh at or mock. For those with a vision, Gumbel’s bumbling is something to celebrate. Why? Well, now that we have your attention, please read...

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Blockchain: A 101-Level Introduction

Wondering what blockchain is all about and needing a 101-level introduction? You’re in the right spot! The articles under the Iowa Blockchain (IBC) Education tag will walk you through the applications of blockchain and its potential to transform the way we complete transactions as dramatically as the internet changed the way we...

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