Author: Andrew Zalasky

Recent Discovery Could Rock the Blockchain

A recent discovery has the potential to rock blockchain evangelists to their core, and has analysts on edge fearing a further – and much deeper – dip in crypto markets. While tech pundits from around the world have heralded the dawn of the blockchain era a technological development as world-altering as the introduction of the internet, some humble archaeologists excavating the tomb of a little-know Prussian prince may have inadvertently made a game-changing discovery. “It wasn’t quite clear what we had stumbled upon at first,” says Oxford-trained scientist Willem Teath. “But upon closer examination, it is quite clear. Carbon-dating...

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Decoding Crypto (001): An Introduction

Follow Decoding Crypto while I try to figure out up from down, left from right in the cryptocurrency game. Hi, I’m Andrew Zalasky. A real-life, regular, old(ish) guy with a growing interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency. I have no background in finance. I have no training in anything more technologically advanced than the Facebook Pages app. I am a freelance writer and graphic designer with an ownership stake in a few small businesses. Oh, and I go by “AZ.” You’ll see it’s right there in the title of this column. Now, about the column. Decoding Crypto: What It’s All...

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