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HODL On Loosely: 80’s Rock Band Back on the Scene with Crypto-Current Hit

Revised song said to be aimed at riding the wave of popular interest in bitcoin, cryptocurrency In a desperate attempt to regain their 80’s arena-filling glory, rock band .38 Special has hurriedly re-written the lyrics to one of its top hits. The band is said to be in studio now, with plans to release “HODL on Loosely” sometime in the coming weeks. The effort is aimed at getting back in the spotlight by riding the wave of popular interest in cryptocurrency. Guitarist and lead vocalist Don Barnes dismisses music industry insiders who say the new release is a desperate...

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Crypto Sermon – January 2018

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally appeared on the site in January 2018. It offers a look at what the regular Crypto Sermon column will cover. Welcome to Iowa Blockchain's crypto sermon, on this joyous day in January of the year 2018. All are welcome. Everyone find a seat, and please greet your neighbors. Now settle in, and prepare for an overview of movers and shakers, and maybe a few sleepers in the cryptocurrency space. But before we begin this sermon, we must tell you, what we state within these (internet) walls, is . . . This content is...

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What is Internet, Anyway?

“What is internet, anyway?” That phrase, uttered by Bryant Gumbel during a segment on the Today Show in 1994, marks a sentinel moment in the advent of what today is at the heart of everything we do. And even though it’s been meme’d repeatedly (tip of the cap here to Ben Affleck, Jay and Silent Bob), Gumbel’s inability to envision the utility of a technology that would change our lives is really nothing to laugh at or mock. For those with a vision, Gumbel’s bumbling is something to celebrate. Why? Well, now that we have your attention, please read...

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Cryptocurrency: A Basic Explanation

Once you have your feet wet in blockchain education, you may want to learn more about cryptocurrency. That's where this section comes in, but remember, we're not financial advisers, and this is for educational and entertainment purposes only . . . This content is restricted to...

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